We are vigilant about securing your connected appliance

We prioritize protecting your appliance and data through every stage of development, manufacturing, and maintenance, using industry-standard security methods. Regular testing and evaluation are conducted to ensure these practices are met, and updates may be made via Internet connection to maintain security.

We Build Appliances Around These Core Security Values

Security by Design and Default
Security is ingrained in our business culture and in the way we developed your connected appliance. It’s a business policy that security is "built-in" to every aspect of our process. It's built-in during all phases of development, manufacturing, and maintenance. Your appliance is secure without user configuration or specific router settings.
Security by Design
Security by Default
Defense In Depth
Every component of our connected appliance ecosystem has security controls that provide independent redundancy to protect against malicious attacks.
Defense in Depth
Security by Transparency
Our security controls and methodologies are industry standard. Our goal is to communicate our actions with openness and accountability. We are industry leaders in IoT security and promote transparency to help educate our owners. Reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. Please see below under our RATINGS AND AWARDS section for current evaluations of our appliance products.

Security by Transparency

Ratings and Rewards

We are proud to have achieved the Gold verification level for UL’s IoT Security Rating. We are the first household appliance company to have a full suite of connected appliances and the first to earn this rating. After thorough evaluations, conducted every year since we first achieved this rating, we continually demonstrate Gold Level security capabilities that align with industry best practices. This recognition validates our long-standing commitment to consumer data protection, transparency, and investment in security, and further demonstrates our cybersecurity capabilities to our retailers, and regulators while providing peace of mind to our consumers. For a complete list of our appliances evaluated under this rating, please visit here.
In 2022, GE Appliances was recognized for the second time for IoT security innovation with the Cybersecurity Breakthrough Award for the IoT Device Security Solution of the Year
In 2020, GE Appliances was recognized for IoT security innovation with the Cybersecurity Breakthrough Award for the IoT Device Security Solution of the Year

Questions About Your Appliance’s Security

Connected Home Support Line
Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. – 11 p.m. ET
Saturday – Sunday: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. ET

We are committed to answering your questions or any concerns you may have. With all of our brands, our goal is to ensure your satisfaction, while offering the highest levels of professional service. For security tips on configuring your home router, good security Internet hygiene, and keeping your devices up to date, please read our Smart Home Security Guidance section below. If this does not address your needs, please call or email our support line.

If you have a specific security concern or believe you have found a security vulnerability with one of our connected appliances, please contact the GE Appliances Product Security Incident ResponseTeam (GEA-PSIRT) at GEAppliancesProductSecurity@geappliances.com.

GEA-PSIRT supports PGP encryption using the GE Appliances Connected Home PGP Key to encrypt your email. In your email, please include the following information:

GEA-PSIRT will respond if further information is needed to investigate a security issue. Please note, GE Appliances does not disclose, discuss, or confirm any security issue until a full investigation is complete and any necessary press releases, security updates, and releases are available.

We acknowledge security researchers who have selected not to opt out and who have reported security issues on all our brands of appliances by contacting GEA-PSIRT on the GE Appliances Connected Home Security Researchers Credit Page.

Smart Home Security Guidance

Our Smart Home appliances are designed to deliver a connected home experience while protecting your data. The installation/configuration of these products involves other computer products in your home, such as a smart phone, tablet, and Wi-Fi network. This guide lists tips and best practices regarding security aspects of these devices. 

Choose a unique SSID (NETWORK NAME)
Change the default administrator password
on your home wireless network
Use WPA2 encryption on your home wireless
Choose a strong password
Be careful using password keepers
Be careful of what you click
Be careful on opening email attachments or
attachments contained on the internet site
Security updates
Smart device password protection
Separate networks