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How to Reduce Costs and Improve Quality of Life in Senior Living Facilities

Facility Managers for senior living facilities need to stay focused on the quality of care and living for their residents. Unexpected appliance repairs are expensive disruptions to maintenance routines, residents’ comfort, and even air quality. Wouldn’t it be better if appliance diagnostics, maintenance, and control functions could be automated and remotely controlled?

Senior Care Facility managers ideally want to run facilities efficiently to be on budget at maximum profit, in addition to maintaining the highest level of comfort and reliability for residents. However, when appliances fail unexpectedly, it reduces the quality of life and comfort of their residents.

There shouldn’t be a trade-off. But, most property management systems don’t include appliance-management functions that know when maintenance is needed for each unit, proactively scheduling maintenance to avoid malfunctions, and even enabling remote control for each independent appliance.

The Most Advanced Appliance-Management Capabilities Are Now Available as a Stand-Alone Solution or Integrated Into Any Existing Property Management System

GE SmartHQ Management is the answer to the cost-vs.-comfort problem for Senior Living facility managers. Whether in common areas or in each room, appliances that are connected and monitored can deliver better air-quality standards while improving operating costs." or something to that effect. The only thing we need to be mindful of is that the PTAC units don't need to be connected to cycle air, but if you are using the system you could proactively run the unit.

1. All-In-One Management Capability

Control and maintain more of your vacant room equipment in preparation for new residents - all at your fingertips via the SmartHQ Management Software - which utilizes an intuitive dashboard to resolve issues for residents before they escalate to major service calls.

2. Managing Your Equipment Remotely Allows for Efficiency and Scale

With more equipment under your management, your operational workflows must adapt to respond to the data you’re presented with from your appliance management software. With software features and app alerts that notify you of the conditions of your units and equipment, you can prioritize your response to better serve your senior residents.

3. Easily Install Your Equipment onto Facility WiFi Networks

With no additional hardware out of the box, your equipped appliances can connect quickly and easily to facility WiFi networks - making installation and configuration a simple, straightforward process. Repeating this efficient process with your equipment across multiple properties cuts down on time, cost, and staff resources. Check out the ‘How It Works’ video to see the process in real-time:

Facility managers of senior living facilities can especially appreciate the idea that high costs of appliance repair shouldn't be a trade-off for consistently high levels of care and comfort. Even if you have a property management system and appliances in place that are not GE-based, GE SmartHQ Management is designed to be your non-compromising, open-integration solution for reducing the time and cost of appliance repair and maintenance, allowing the focus of facility management to be where it should, on comfort and quality of life for residents and guests.

To find out how GE SmartHQ Pro can solve your property-management pains with proactive appliance management that reduces expenses, time and inconvenience to tenants, get a free demo.

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