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Drive Diagnostics with Precision & Efficiency!

Appliances are the heartbeat of every household and commercial space. But when they falter, the key is to ensure they get the right fix, quickly and efficiently. Introducing SmartHQ™ Service, the game-changer for every technician, property manager, and owner aiming for top-notch appliance management.

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The Twin Elements of Excellence in Service

The SmartHQ™ Module

A compact, user-friendly device that connects seamlessly with appliances, opening the door to advanced diagnostics.

  • Plug-and-play setup with a wide range of GE Appliances
  • Immediate and accurate fault detection for quicker interventions
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The SmartHQ™ Subscription

Dive deep into the world of comprehensive diagnostics. With a cloud-based repository of data and documentation, every technician is equipped for any challenge.

  • Access to a vast library of service manuals and repair guides
  • Real-time and historical diagnostic data at your fingertips
  • Interactive interface for easy navigation and efficient solutions
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Empower Your Repair with SmartHQ™ Service

Cloud connectivity not only provides diagnostics but also ensures that technicians are equipped with all the necessary documentation, from user manuals to service guides. The outcome? Repairs that are swift, accurate, and long-lasting.

Boost in confidence with accurate diagnostics and appropriate documentation
Historical data at your fingertips to understand appliance performance over time
Instant access to service manuals for efficient repairs

Pinpoint Issues with Unparalleled Accuracy

SmartHQ™ Service comes with the power of advanced diagnostics. With a single connection, delve into in-depth tests to reveal appliance issues. Be it a technician or a support personnel, the diagnostic data is a treasure for precise interventions.

Immediate connection to a multitude of GE Appliances
Cloud-stored diagnostics for retrospective evaluations
Full-suite diagnostic tests for comprehensive analysis

Unlocking Efficiency with the SmartHQ™ Service

Connect the SmartHQ™  Bluetooth Module

Use an RJ-45 cable to connect the SmartHQ™ Service Bluetooth Module to your customers appliance.

Diagnose with SmartHQ™ Service

Open the SmartHQ™ Service app on your device to diagnose and troubleshoot your customers appliance issues efficiently.


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