Industry’s Most Powerful Appliance Diagnostics Platform

SmartHQ Service quickly connects to appliances and runs a suite of tests to produce diagnostic data which can be analyzed by technicians or support staff. This information allows for more accurate diagnoses, quicker repairs, and fewer callbacks.

Diagnose Faster with Confidence

Access to comprehensive historical data. SmartHQ Service stores diagnostics data captured during troubleshooting sessions in the cloud. Understand performance issues occurring within the appliance.
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Documentation for faster problem resolution. In addition to diagnostics data, SmartHQ Service also provides technicians with access to documentation such as service manuals.
Increased confidence in diagnosis and repair. By providing access to both historical diagnostics data and documentation, SmartHQ Service can increase technicians' confidence in their diagnosis and repair.

Over 90% of Current Users Report Faster and More Accurate Diagnostics with SmartHQ™ Service

Reduce service calls.
Increase service revenue.

Property Managers

SmartHQ Service provides the most efficient solution to diagnose, repair, and create a better owner experience. Our platform is built to provide immediate feedback and issues are flagged as soon as they arise, so there is no need for costly and time-consuming trips.

Service Technicians

SmartHQ Service provides technicians with the ability to virtually scan for issues before physically disassembling an appliance. Our platform enables you to complete repairs with confidence and easily share information with owners, confirming that the right problem is being addressed.

Getting Started With SmartHQ Service

Each subscription includes user access to the SmartHQ Service mobile app, tutorials, and tech support. Each subscription also requires purchasing a SmartHQ Service Bluetooth module to interact with the appliance digitally and facilitate real-time diagnostics.

Trusted by appliance technicians all over North America

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See what SmartHQ Service can do for your property

SmartHQ Service is an affordable and easy-to-use service that provides a comprehensive overview of appliances' internal components. With the help of our technicians, homeowners can address issues and maintain a complete inventory, so they don't have to worry about getting the right parts when they need it.