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Smart Products: Building the Modern Home

Broadband connectivity, fixed or mobile, is now considered a fourth utility for consumers and is the foundation of enabling connected devices and applications in the home. Parks Associates forecasts that by 2025, US broadband households will have an average of 20 connected devices.

Broadband, whether fixed or mobile, has become the fourth consumer service, connecting electricity, water and gas. It serves as the core infrastructure that enables the seamless integration of connected devices and applications into our homes. As we embrace the  Internet of Things (IoT) era, the demand for broadband connections has risen.

With this explosion of connected devices, strong broadband  has become essential. It improves our ability to stay connected, receive instant information  and interact seamlessly  with our devices. Whether we're streaming our favorite shows, controlling  thermostats remotely, monitoring  home security cameras, or participating in virtual meetings, reliable, fast broadband  is essential for smooth, uninterrupted work.

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This paper includes research from Parks Associates

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Overview of the smart home market

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Purchase drivers for smart home products and devices

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Usage behaviors of IoT devices

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New smart home products being brought to market

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