SmartHQ API: Where Innovation Meets Everyday Life

Elevate Your Vision with GE Appliances

Dive into the vanguard of smart appliance technology and join GE Appliances in a thrilling venture to revolutionize our daily interactions with home devices. We're not just changing how appliances work; we're transforming how they enhance our lives. We invite you to partner with us on this exhilarating journey to elevate the everyday experience to unprecedented heights.

SmartHQ Appliance API

At GE Appliances, we're committed to an open, interoperable platform. We're reaching out to visionaries, industry leaders, innovative companies, and dynamic start-ups to collaborate in shaping the future of our appliance API.

Partnership for Progress

In the coming months, we would like to work with a select set of partners, developers and companies to explore different ways we can enhance our application interface, advance the state of the art for our industry and Make Good Things For Life.

Our Current Endeavors: Expanding Beyond Boundaries

We are actively engaging with like-minded partners to propel our platform beyond its current limits, venturing into uncharted territories of innovation. Our mission is to not just evolve, but to revolutionize the way our platform operates, opening doors to new possibilities and exciting advancements in smart technology.

AI &

Delivery and Commerce Integration

Cooking and

Reshape the Experience of America’s Homes

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