Case Study

SmartHQ Pro and Lumenant

Lumenant is a nationally recognized facility maintenance group located in Charleston, SC, specifically focused on Senior and Assisted living facilities. They provide design, planning, finance, and system implementation to upgrade buildings – both new and old – with life-changing technology solutions, making them healthier, safer, more marketable, and more cost-efficient for senior living organizations struggling with the ever-growing challenges of aging buildings. Lumenant offers an easy, headache-free solution to cost-effectively transform spaces with healthier energy and technology systems. Their partnership with GE Appliances leverages our SmartHQ Management service to offer:


For most organizations, HVAC is the costliest source of energy use and property maintenance. Many senior living buildings have PTAC (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner) units to provide heating and cooling in resident rooms. While inexpensive to purchase and install, PTACs are extremely energy inefficient and lead to unnecessarily high electric bills. All too often, residents run the units on maximum, even when the room is unoccupied. When all the units in a building are running simultaneously, electricity demand surges and often results in “demand charges” that are tacked on to bills for the rest of the year, leading to tens of thousands of dollars of avoidable expenses each year.

Steven Kopf
CEO | Lumenant LLC
SmartHQ Management allows Lumenant to know the issues before they occur, and replace in-room units before anyone is even aware of the issue. The tenants, staff, and even the plant managers are often unaware that there is a problem with individual terminals; however, we know — and we can get in fast to fix the issue before there are faced with the consequences.
Through SmartHQ Management we have the ability to keep every room ready and rentable at all times, limiting the number of occupancies that are due to service errors on HVAC and appliances.”


Remotely control in-room energy use and improve the resident experience. Lumenant partnered with GE Appliances to leverage their SmartHQ management technology to give property managers the ability to:


Through SmartHQ Management, thermostats are connected to the Cloud and monitored continuously, ensuring that both the PTAC and the control system are operating properly and efficiently. If something is off, the proactive system will flag a unit before complete failure; making maintenance needs predictable while improving resident experience where room temperature is often tied to tenant health. SmartHQ Management’s cloud-based monitoring software allows Lumenant to cycle units in and out of tenant residences with little-to-no interruption of daily lives, ensuring that only a fraction of PTACs is running, and thereby continuing to save thousands of dollars a year in demand charges while maintaining the health and comfort of residents.

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