Case Study

SmartHQ Pro and Sentient Buildings

Sentient Buildings combines internet-of-things (IoT) technology with on-site building management systems (BMS) to provide actionable intelligence solutions, remote monitoring systems, and enterprise-level control over control connected appliances with the click of a button.

In conjunction with the US Department of Energy and the New York City Housing Authority, Sentient Buildings was tasked with deploying a property-wide management system capable of providing actionable intelligence, remote monitoring solutions, and energy-cost controls on over 10,000 connected units with the click of a button. Their primary concern was their ability to manage excessive load and maximize efficiency at scale on the heating and air units that are often overused in extreme weather months.

David Unger
CEO | Sentient Buildings

Integrated Smarter Solutions

SmartHQ Management helped us integrate into ~10,000 New York City Housing Authority connected units, offering custom solutions to complex problems at deployment. The inevitable obstacles associated with a project of this size were handled with incredible speed and care, and because of GE Appliance’s partnership, we are now positioned to capitalize on up to 15X our initial investment."


Sentient Buildings partnered with GE Appliance’s SmartHQ Management to collect operational data across 10,000 connected units, while also providing setpoint controls, proactive maintenance alerts, and unit-specific batch commands all integrated into a single property management dashboard. This newly-integrated, property-wide connectivity will give the New York City Housing Authority operational control over each heating & air unit under their jurisdiction, allowing them to shed load at scale while supported by real-time operational data.


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