Why are your renters looking for smart homes?

Everyone is dependent on technology in today's world. According to Forbes, a typical home will have 7 connected gadgets in use on a daily basis. Furthermore, mobile internet usage accounts for around 30% of overall residential internet usage. Incorporating smart home technologies is a great way to appeal to your tenants' tech-savvy lifestyles. Individuals with tech-savvy lives will find smart home technology-enabled properties to be a natural fit, resulting in more signed leases, recommendations, and satisfied tenants.

In today's society, people are looking for homes that can provide them with a level of convenience that they might not be able to find in a traditional home. The benefits of renting a smart home are numerous and it is no wonder why they are becoming so popular.

The demand for smart homes is high because they offer an array of benefits to the renter. For example, many property managers have started including smart features such as Nest thermostats and Amazon Alexa devices in their homes to provide more convenience for their renters.

Want to know more about why your renters are choosing smart homes, download the infographic for more information.